Dec 20, 2022

Home office from a Cabo Verde beach hotel

Since the pandemic, home office has become very popular in the whole world. Statistics show that remote working employees went from 30% to 48%.


There are numerous advantages to working from a comfortable home such as the flexibility and time saving from commuting. However, it can sometimes be difficult to see the personal space which you always saw as the perfect place to relax, now becoming your work environment.  This can also have effects on your mental health such as exhaustion.


We’ve got the solution for you: remote working from Hotel Morabeza!

Imagine waking up with a sea view, jumping into the pool or the ocean before a work day? Not having to worry about cooking as our 3 open air restaurant chefs will do that for you.  Moreover, you won’t have to worry about cleaning or everyday tasks you normally have at home.

If  you don’t wish to work from your room, we’ve got comfortable conference rooms at your disposal. Have a look at them here.

Changing your routine for some time makes the difference on your mental health in the long run. Hotel Morabeza is ready to receive you with open arms.


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