Apr 06, 2022

Learn 30 useful words in Creole before your trip to Cabo Verde!

Creole is a dialect which appeared during the colonialism. The majority  of Cape Verdeans who are fluent in Portuguese, will use Creole for informal occasions such as with friends and family. However, for administration and school, Portuguese will be used. The dialects vary a little from island to island, however, everybody  understands each other.

Most locals speak a little to fluent English but it’s always good to learn these words just in case! 😀

Yes = Sim

No = Não

Hello =Olá

Good Morning = Bom dia

Good Evening = Boa noite

Good bye = Ciao

How are you? = Tud dret?

I’m fine= M ta dret

What is your name? = Manera k’é bo nome?

My name is = Nha nome é

Nice to meet you = Prazer de concheb

Please = Por favor

Thank you = Obrigado

Sorry = Desculpom

Do you speak English = Bo ta fala Ingles?

I don’t speak Creole = M ka ta fala Creol

How do you say ___ in Creole? = Manera ke ta falod ___ em Creol?

Where is ___ = Onde k’ta fca___?

It’s hot = Ta ke calor

It’s windy = Ta ke vent

The Car = Cor

The boat = Bark

The bus = Autocar

The Toilets = Casa de banho

May I please have a ___? = Um pode tem um ___?

I’m not feeling well = M ka ta sinti dret

Call the police/ambulance= Xma Policia/ Ambulancia

What is the direction to____?= Kual é direção___?

We arrived ___ = No d’jga___

We are leaving___= No ta bai embora___

Our staff will be happy to practice with you when staying with us! If it’s not over night, you are welcome to visit our bars and restaurants

See you soon!