Apr 05, 2022

Top 6 best places to take your photos in Sal

Although we’re not traveling only to take pictures, who doesn’t like immortalising a holiday? Whether to share these back home with your family and friends or simply post on social media, here is a list of the nicest sceneries on the island of Sal :



Let’s start with the simplest yet one of the best location on the island. Today used to board fishermen and tourists going on excursions, it was previously used to bring salt to boats for exportation. We recommend going around 10-11pm on a sunny day as the water will be turquoise and it is also when its most animated. (Just in front of the hotel) 



Next to the 24 meter deep cave where you’ll see a magical blue colour from the sun shining in it, you’ll find this other cave which has been extremely popular for its photos. It’s a 45 minute car ride from Santa Maria and definitely worth it! 



You will see almost every colour on the scheme when wandering around the streets of Santa Maria. Especially after the great initiative of  the foundation of “Arte d’zona” who’s goal is for kids to grow up in a more positive and joyful environment. As a result, they’ve painted numerous homes as well as making street arts.



Other than a great picture, floating in these salt pools also has health benefits such as stimulating circulation as well as helping to relieve stiffness in joints and many more! Not to be confused with Pedra de Lume (which you must also visit), these are closer to Santa Maria. (ask for guidance at our guest service)



This picture will be a little trickier to make but worth the effort! You can get there either by jet ski or boat.We recommend you going in the morning on a calm day. Please ask for proper guidance at our reception or guest services. 



This picture was taken in front of our reception facing the ocean!

If you’re not willing to stay at our hotel, you’re always welcome to visit our bars and restaurants



There are of course many more but we’ll let you be creative and discover less popular ones 😉

Above all, enjoy!